A professional dashboard
This interface contains all the necessary tools to plan sessions, or manage and analyze data in a professional way: Patient diary for longitudinal follow-up/ Appointment-making system/ Data analysis and visualization/ Secure archiving solutions, and much more…

From this interface, the professional can launch a « user » session, in which the child’s experience will be assessed. Through real-time analysis of the collected data, MHASC provides valuable information to clinicians and scientists.

A child interface

The child interface opts for a different look. Several designs are linked, each one representing a world in relation to the sensory modality explored. Reference to these video-game codes intuitively immerses the child at the heart of the MHASC app.

The child’s autonomy is encouraged via the multimedia support. Lulu, the mascot of the app, guides the child throughout the evaluation. In addition, interactions with a personalized avatar enable optimal child’s immersion in the environment.